Tuesday, 25 November 2014

How to remove dark eye circles naturally.

how to remove dark eye circles naturally

1.    Massage Vitamin-E oil around the eyes at the bed time.
2.  Include fruit salad contain one banana, 250 gram of papaya and 250 gram of Guava in your daily diet.
3.    Mix Jasmine oil in lemon juice and massage it daily around the eyes before going to bed.
4.    Put the potatoes grater in silk cloth and keep it for fifteen minutes on the eyes every day.
5.   Soak silk cloth in orange juice and keep in on eyes will also help to reduce dark circles.
6.   Drink lot of water.
7.   Take proper sleep at proper time.

      I hope this will help you people, please comment if you find my tips useful. keep supporting me, thanks

Note: All these treatments are time consuming but if you performed it regularly you will get the desired results.

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