Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Eating Naturally ( Take A Natural Approach)

Take a natural approach to food and enjoy the Gourmet experience. A diet that benefits the heart and keeps the brainyouthful encourages you to add variety to your plate—to feast on ripefruit and vegetables, herbs and spices, and to luxuriate in the taste ofwell-raised meat and wild fish bought fresh and prepared simply. Naturalfoods contain a startling number of antiaging ingredients. These includeheart-friendly fats, protective plant substances, and youth-preservingantioxidants that can neutralize free radicals—the unstable moleculesthat kickstart the body’s aging processes prematurely and are increasedin the body by exposure to stress, pollution, UV rays, cigarette smoke,and unhealthy fats.

Natural nutrition

Eating food in as close to its natural state as possible helpsensure maximum exposure to youth-enhancing nutrients,many of which are lost during storage, processing, andcooking. It also reduces your exposure to artificial additivesused to enhance the flavor, texture, color, and shelf-life of processed foods, from preprepared meals to diet dishes.

1. Five a day

Keep looking and feeling youngand help ward off diseases of aging,from Alzheimer’s to stroke and heartdisease, by eating more fruit andvegetables. They are rich in antioxidants, and the biologicallyactive ingredients of plant pigments and flavorings haveantiagingproperties, too. Aim to eat aminimum of five portions of fruitand vegetables dail—and up to nine if you can.

2. Fitting in fruit

To boost the number of fruitservings you eat each day, slice freshfruit or spoon soaked dried fruitonto morning muesli. Snack ongrapes, dried fruit and berries, andeat an apple or banana midmorning or afternoon. Follow meals with a fruit salad, baked or poached fruit, or treat yourself to pieces of fruit 

3 Color combos
A rainbow of colors on the plate ensures you are getting a good intakeof plant chemicals. Naturally deepgreen, yellow, and red foods containantioxidant carotenoids that boostimmunity and offer protectionagainst heart disease, cancer, DNAdamage, and age-related sightproblems. Include peppers, broccoli,spinach, sweet potatoes, carrots, and pumpkin in your diet, plus extravirgin olive oil to aid absorption.

4 Fresh is best
Choose ripe, seasonal fruit andvegetables and grains in their wholeform to ensure maximum flavor while retaining vitamins and

5.Grow your own

The best way to ensure the freshest,most flavorful organic fruit andvegetables is to grow them yourself.Even a city balcony can provide agood supply of tomatoes, salad leaves, herbs, and soft fruit.

6.Increasing variety

Diversity is the key to a healthydiet, since no one food can provideall the nutrients and antioxidantsthe body needs. Be adventurous and introduce new foods when you can.

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