Sunday, 6 January 2013

A fiber primer

If you aren’t sure what fiber is and why it’s good for you, you’re not alone. Fiber is the part of
plant foods (fruits, vegetables, grains) that can’t be broken down by your digestive system. Fiber is important for your health — it keeps your digestive system healthy and helps to control blood sugar levels.

There are two types of fiber:

✓ Insoluble fiber: 

This type of fiber doesn’t dissolve in water and cannot be digested. It absorbs water and bulks the stool to help regulate bowel movements. Insoluble fiber is found in grains and some vegetables.

✓ Soluble fiber: 

This type of fiber dissolves in water, forming a gel-like substance that moves through the intestines. Found in fruits, vegetables, and legumes, soluble fiber is associated with lowering cholesterol and controlling blood sugar. A food is considered to have a high fiber content when it has more than five grams of fiber per serving.

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