Sunday, 16 December 2012

Herbal Hair Care

Herbal Hair Help
You love shampoos and conditioners. You love serums that give your hair that added shine. But once in a while it is great idea to get back to nature to restore your hair’s health. So pick a shampoo with some herbal actives, or simply get the herbs and use the home made extracts. We love these gifts from nature that work wonders every time:
Hair Fall: Try hair oil with Brahmi or Bhringraj to tone scalp and improve blood circulation to the roots. Extracts from flowers like carnation and hibiscus also help stressed scalp. Shampoos with Reetha and soapnut are gentle and build hair strength.
Hair Breakage: Try products with fenugreek, musk root and Bengal gram as they have protein compounds that restore hair strength and smoothen cuticles.
Hair Flakes: Shampoos with margosa, tea tree oil, rosemary and fennel have anti bacterial and astringent properties to fight dandruff.
Itchy scalp: Hair vitalisers with poppy seeds, peppermint, milk protein, and sandalwood alleviate itchiness.

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