Sunday, 16 December 2012

Health Tip: How to Find That Baby is in Pain

Young infants may cry a lot. And new parents may not know exactly what’s wrong.
The University of Michigan Health System lists thesewarning signs that your new baby may be in pain:
  • A more insistent cry that lasts longer than usual, or a cry that’s higher in pitch.
  • Silence doesn’t always mean baby is fine. Very sick or premature babies may not have the energy to cry.
  • Making unusual faces, such as wrinkling the brow, squeezing eyes closed, getting deep creases around the nose, grimacing or holding the mouth open.
  • Stiff or tense posture, with limbs completely stretched out or pulled tight into the body. Babies may also wiggle or squirm, or be “floppy” as if they’ve lost muscle tone.
  • Fussiness or irritability that can’t be soothed or comforted.
  • Not eating or not sleeping.

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