Sunday, 16 December 2012

Diet control and weight loss

Weight loss can be achieved in many ways. You can achieve weight loss by diet control, exercising, yoga, medicines, etc.
The best way is to follow a combination of all these to ensure that your daily routing life is not affected in any way.
The thumb rule is very simple “be happy”. Always try to come out of stress and other worries. Feel free and flying. Most of us feel very heavy and tired only because of our mind. Mind is the cause of all diseases. Your confidence is what will talk about your fitness.
Know all, follow what your want. You are the best judge for yor life.


  1. Hi, I appreciate your writing. I'd like to share. You don't have to work out with weights and many people actually gain weight because they cut back on calories, instead of learning to eat properly, and end up starving their bodies which results in a lower metabolism and more of what they eat being stored as fat instead of burned which further lowers energy and motivation. The steps you provide can be good but they must be done carefully and people still need to be educated. Balanced foods is better than less food. thanks~ Deborah

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  3. Excellent posting about diet, and need your tips next time. Really i am impressed from this post. I am very interested by reading this.. Its very helpful for us..keep posting.