Friday, 28 December 2012

Benefits of Using Olive Oil for Skin

Using olive oil for skin is an ancient beauty secret, discovered thousands of years ago. Once called "liquid gold" by Homer, olive oil was a commonly used skin care product by Phoenicians, Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks. Olive oil has vitamin E and oleic acid, which are both beneficial to the skin. Olive oil's oleic acid helps to soften the skin, and the vitamin E improves the elasticity of the skin.

For the Face

When it comes to caring for your face, using olive oil for skin remedies and homemade cleansers is a natural way to get healthy skin. Olive oil can be mixed with sugar to make a facial scrub, or with water for a homemade night cream. Olive oil can be used to remove eye makeup, to alleviate dry skin patches, and on the lips to heal or prevent chapping. Facial masks may be made by mixing olive oil, an egg, and flour together. This type of mask soothes sunburned and dry skin.
For the Body

To make a body scrub that contains olive oil for skin exfoliation, try mixing sea salts with olive oil and massaging it over areas of the body where you want to remove dead skin cells. For instance, it would work well on the legs, knees, feet, heels, arms, and elbows. Olive oil can also be added to bath water for a luxurious, skin-softening soak. Just after a bath or shower, olive oil can be used as a nourishing moisturizer and applied while the skin is still damp.

For the Hair

Olive oil for skin on the scalp can help control dandruff and dry scalp problems. It can be used as a deep conditioner for the hair as well. After shampooing, simply mix equal parts olive oil and water together, shake well, and distribute evenly throughout your hair. Leave it on for at least five minutes and then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Skin Elasticity

Using warmed olive oil for scar removal and better elasticity, is one way pregnant women can help erase stretch marks before and after pregnancy. Olive oil works wonders on the skin as a healing agent and, in addition to stretch marks, it can be used on scars, scar tissue, cuts, scrapes, and acne scarring.
Regardless of how you use olive oil for skin, it is an inexpensive but very effective treatment. Additional uses to consider include olive oil for as a massage oil, as a soaking treatment to soften hands, feet, and cuticles, as well as strengthen nails.

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  1. Olive oil helps more than any other natural product. It has more powerful natural elements which gets us ultimately perfect skin. Use olive oil every day. Your skin cells bouncing out of joy in the goodness of olive.