Monday, 8 October 2012

Cancer Prevention

Many of the anti-oxidants our body needs to gobble up the free radicals and
prevent cancer must come from supplements. If you’ve talked to your doctor
lately about this subject, you were probably not encouraged by his response.
Most physicians feel that supplements are unnecessary. A “proper” diet will
provide all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes you need, they say. Just eat a
“balanced” diet.

One prolific author on cancer – its treatment and prevention -- is Ralph W. Moss,
PhD. Dr. Moss has written 13 books on cancer therapy, causes, cures,
prevention, etc., including Questioning Chemotherapy, Herbs Against Cancer and
The Cancer Industry. This excerpt [along with my comments in the text boxes] is
from one of his books, published in 2000, called Antioxidants Against Cancer.

“Attitudes of Doctors 

Thousands of scientific articles point to the power of antioxidants, yet many
doctors are not taught about this in medical school. Others may know about this
exciting development but shy away from it because they fear peer pressure or
stigmatization. And all too often, doctors respond to positive reports with a
warning that patients should not take food supplements.

The conventional line is that research is promising, but there just isn't enough
data on which to base firm conclusions…

Certainly, few medical interventions can have less risk than eating a diet high in
antioxidants. We are not talking about taking arsenic here, but about brightly
colored fruits and vegetables, as well as concentrated extracts. Yet many
physicians draw the line when you discuss antioxidants and say, 'Much too risky.
Not enough known.'

No wonder lay people are turning to books, magazines, and Websites for
information on antioxidants, and that many patients hesitate to even discuss
questions of nutrition with their doctor. Patients are becoming more educated
(sometimes more educated than their doctors!) and more empowered."

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