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Are Free Radicals? Cause of Cancer

What Are Free Radicals? 

Free radicals, one of the most common causes of cancerous DNA damage, are
under your control. What are free radicals? Every day, we produce or take in
millions of them. They are compounds that have one unpaired electron in their
atomic makeup.

Try as you might, you cannot avoid free radicals. They are in your body and in
the atmosphere. They result from the process your body uses to break down
food, among many other causes. But they are also caused, and can be
controlled, by the lifestyle decisions we make every day. What lifestyle
decisions? Want a few examples?

.. Cigarette smoking causes the largest number of free radicals of any
lifestyle activity. Eventually, the number of free radicals it produces
overcomes your body’s elaborate defenses and you, the smoker, get lung
cancer, emphysema, heart disease, and many more maladies.

.. The more “bad” fat you take in, the more free radicals you produce.
Particularly damaging are trans-fatty acids found in abundance in the
“Standard American Diet” (SAD). McDonald’s French fries, for example,
have one of the highest concentrations of trans-fatty acids of any food.

.. Food and vitamins and other supplements provide “anti-oxidants” which
can kill off the free radicals by the millions.

.. All of these lifestyle choices are cumulative – for better or worse.

In addition to cancer, free radical damage also causes senility, arthritis,
hardening of the arteries, and the declining function of your immune system as
you age.

Dietary Deficiencies 

The lack of nutrients in our diet is the subject of many books. Several of the
better ones are mentioned in Appendix A. Leaching of the soil by poor crop
rotation along with the way food is processed ensure that our cells lack the
nutrients they need to remain healthy. In fact, they are bombarded with hundreds
of chemicals used in processed food every day.

Supplements and organic food can correct these problems to a certain extent.
However, these conditions are the cause of virtually all degenerative

“reactions” (arthritis, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, heart disease, fibromyalgia,
chronic fatigue syndrome – and certainly cancer and many more).

Helping Your Immune System

A multitude of studies in recent years confirm the immune system’s function in
both preventing and healing cancer. Almost every day a new study is published
in the search for drugs and vaccines that boost the immune system’s ability to
fight off cancer.

As we will see in Chapter 5, these drugs are not necessary. At least a dozen
substances that are non-toxic and harmless to take have been proven to boost
your immune system’s ability to “mop up” abnormal cancerous cells.

Here’s a quote from an interesting book, “Real Age”, by Michael F. Roizen, M.D.: 

"As you age, your second line of defense, your immune system, tends to be less
vigilant and does not as readily detect and destroy these abnormalities. The
weaker your immune system, the more likely that it will not provide the necessary
backup. The longer you live, the more likely that you will get improper cell
divisions, the more likely that the DNA in a specific cell will contain a mutation, and
the more likely that your immune system won't be there to catch a mistake. The
most important thing to remember is this: You can slow, and even reverse, the
rate of aging of your immune system." [Emphasis added].

Dr. Roizen goes on to explain causes and prevention measures for various types
of cancer. If you would like to read more of his work, his book is called REAL AGE
--Are You as Young as You Can Be? Copyright 1999 by Michael F. Roizen, M.D.
Also, check out his website:

My wife Terry and I took Dr. Roizen's quiz to determine our "Real Age". The quiz
covers a wide variety of lifestyle questions, each of which either adds to or
subtracts from your chronological age. Mine came out to minus 16 (making my
"Real Age" 52 at the time). My wife's came out to minus 14 (making her "Real
Age" 32 at the time). To take this quiz, just go to his website by clicking on the
link above.

Dr. Roizen has an extended discussion on antioxidants (Vitamin C, E, etc.) and
their role in controlling the "free radicals" which damage the genes in your cells.

It is pretty clear from all the research I have done that most cancers can be
prevented by proper diet, supplements and exercise. Each of these three can
be visualized as a leg on a three-legged stool. If any one is neglected, the stool

collapses – your body degenerates and you get sick. We will cover supplements
and diet guidelines in this chapter. Diet and exercise are the subjects of
“booklets” which accompany this book.

[NOTE: Many people have pointed out to me their view that this “stool” actually
has a fourth leg. They say it is our spiritual nature and its positive effect on our
health. I will not try to influence you one way or another on this subject.]

Treating Your Cancer 

In summary, CANCER IS NOT A “DISEASE.” It is simply your body’s own cells
which have assumed an abnormal function as a result of damage to their normal
functioning. Stem cells multiply much more rapidly than cancer cells…so cancer
cells are not even the most rapidly dividing cells in your body. They’re just
abnormal cells that need to be brought under control.

Your body produces cancer cells every day, by the millions. Your normal cell
policing mechanism takes care of them – until it can’t any more. Then you are
eventually diagnosed with cancer.

Your cancer probably took years to develop to the point where it can be
detected. If you need a cause, blame it on your lifestyle. With that
understanding, you also know that treating cancer is a lifelong process. Once
you have the cancer under control, or in “remission,” which usually only takes a
few weeks with my recommended regimen, you must continue to battle it with
good lifestyle choices and support for your immune system for the rest of your

You can look on cancer as a chronic condition, something like hypertension
(high blood pressure), heart trouble or diabetes. You must keep your body in top-
notch cancer fighting shape. You cannot just revert to your old lifestyle and
expect the cancer to stay away.

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